coding artisan

Hi, my name is Rien

I’m a from Belgium based in Girona, Spain.
I like creating top-tier websites tailored to your needs.


how to spot a killer website in the wild?

All webhart websites roaming the endless planes of the world wide web were set free with following properties.


rocket speed

two seconds to make people stay

We live in a world of distraction. There’s nothing like the rush of a new notification. You want to grab your target’s attention before the next notification gets it.



the world lives in our pockets

Responsive development goes beyond looks. With more than half of the online population using a mobile, websites need to adapt to all sorts of devices.



safeguard your integrity

Protect your audience, yourself, and your content. Webhart websites are created and deployed with security in mind. Reliable fallbacks are available in worst case scenario’s.



get to the front of the line

Speed, responsiveness, and security are key in search engine optimisation. Getting your website to the top of the stack is step one in getting across that good impression.

my work

Buckle in and see for yourself.

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cycling themed café coming this april in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

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(in progress) Multipage basic athlete website with CMS for blog and calendar. (design by WEBhart)

het Groeiatelier

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Workspace for talent development and logopedics. onepager with basic info and small calendar CMS. (design by lu'cifer)

Lebuin D'Haese

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Artist portfolio website. Powered by a super simple CMS (Netlify CMS) to easily add blog posts or new art. (design by lu'cifer)


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First version of a new site for ECO-dé who do eco-friendly house insulation. (design by lu'cifer)

The Broomwagon

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foodtruck style coffee by pro cyclist Robert Gesink. The site has a webshop with merchandise and coffee beans. (design by WEBhart)

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